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Disney Magic Box One Time Gift Box

One Time Disney Magic Box

Regular price $199.99

The Most Magical Disney Gift Box, Guaranteed!

Our One Time Disney Magic Box is a fully customized Disney gift box that includes a magical variety of Disney products specifically chosen to match recipient preferences, including authentic original Disney Parks treasures. Not only is our One Time Disney Magic Box guaranteed to provide 100%+ in merchandise retail value, but unlike any other Disney box on the market, also includes our money back satisfaction guarantee!

Our One Time Disney Magic Box makes the perfect gift for Disney fans of all ages, or just an amazing touch of Disney Magic whenever you may need it (this product ships within approximately 3-4 weeks of your preferences being submitted)! If you are interested in our Magic Box subscriptions, you can view all options here.

Still not sure? See verified customer reviews of this product!

**Important: This product ships during the first and last week of each month; Within approximately 3-4 weeks of your order.

Custom curated for up to 2 recipients based on 400+ account preference options (2nd recipient will receive 1 item)
Exclusive Wishlist items available for request
Money back satisfaction guarantee
Guaranteed 100%+ in merchandise value
• Magical variety of Disney products including Authentic Disney Parks merchandise
• Responsive customer support
• No cheap filler items
• Enjoy the full MAYD experience in our Magic At Your Door Facebook Group

Shipping: Flat rate of $14.99 to the contiguous United States; Calculated shipping to other US destinations; No international shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Wonderful- Highly Recommend

The box was customized and included things I will use in my everyday life. It included items that were on my wishlist as well as items related to some of my favorite characters, rides, and movies. I requested getting more items of lower quality and received some many cool things. From wallets, to keychains, to plushies and so much more. I would recommend when purchasing this item you go into detail about what things you do and dont want. The more detailed your preferences, the more satisfied you will be with your box.

It’s the attention to detail for me

Just as the title reads...the attention to detail this company gives amazes me. I don’t want to slander another sub box company because it wouldn’t be ethical but what I will say is they blew them out of the water. Not only do I feel the time I put into my preferences mattered but I felt the person who curated my box pulled up my profile and read threw it all to make MY perfect box. Each month they deliver and I’m not talking about on time within the same month you pay but everything in you box is costumed to you. I’ve been getting a monthly box for 8 months and forSee myself getting them for a very long time. I highly recommend!

One time box, pleasantly surprised

I, like many others, have been checking out the group and unboxing videos for a while. Most people loved their entire box. Honestly I was a little skeptical since I tend to be pretty picky when I buy my Disney stuff. I figured I would probably give an item or two away because it was a miss or something I wasn’t crazy about. But I was quickly proved wrong. I opened my box sharing each item with my sister and best friend. It was just as exciting as the videos I had watched. Since it was my first box and a one time box, I was pleasantly surprised with how many items from my wishlist I received. I also couldn’t believe I got a matching wallet for a backpack I already owned (how did they know?!). I admit I was a little worried when I saw a plain brown box. I couldn’t imagine what they would send me that would break since I mentioned I prefer items I could use opposed to decorative items. But when I opened the box it was a Mickey vase! I was so happy with it. My husband isn’t a Disney fan like I am so I try to limit the amount of Disney I sprinkle around the apartment, this vase is great, even he thought it was nice. After I was finished sharing my new items my best friend requested the link to the site. She was amazed with how tailored the box was for me. She will now be joining in on the wishlist stalking. I highly recommend this box, join the group, check out the wishlist, and watch the unboxing videos. Thank you magic at your door for the perfect first time box. I may not be able to get a box all the time, but I look forward to treating myself to another one time box in the future.

My 1st 1 time box!

It was such an experience! Just when I thought I was done unboxing there was more and more! Loved it! I especially loved my bracelet! <3


LOVE my magic box!

I got at least 3 of my wish list items and I got a crossbody bag from Aladdin. Aladdin is one of my favorite movies and the abu plush toy! This box matched my profile completely 100% right.

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