Magic At Your Door Disney Subscription Box Reviews

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Very good and cool loved everything Great box


Exactly what I wanted!! Love Magic at Your Door!! ❤️

My Very First Box

Absolutely loved it 🥰 I am so speechless and this box made me feel like I was a kid opening gifts on a Christmas morning. I felt like I got mostly everything on my wishlist and I was super excited. I will be doing video reviews from here on out of my experience with Magic At Your Door. Check out my video below of all the wonderful feels I felt while unboxing this box. YouTube video placeholder
Best Disney Box Ever

Blows all of the other subscription boxes out of the water. They truly listen to what your interests are & totally cater to them. Best Disney box by far! Can’t wait for my next one!

Excellent box with excellent value

There are a plethora of Disney boxes out there but magic at your door tops them all. The value in the box above the dollar amount paid as always fantastic and they definitely listen and pay attention to preferences!

So great!!

I had missed the monthly deadline for the $125 subscription box so upgraded to this one time $200 box and it did not disappoint!! So good! The Jim Shore is beautiful (and huge!) and a great piece to add to my collection. I had secretly been wanting those ears since last year. And I LOVE the ornaments! I will display them all year round. “Jim Shore” pieces were the only things on my wishlist, but every item is loved and according to my preferences. Thank you! YouTube video placeholder

I love my MAYD box, it always puts me in a great mood when I get home and see it waiting! I have liked everything I have received so far and can't wait to see what I get in the future.

Great products, fast shipping, amazing value! Thank you! ❤️

Great Product

I've gotten a few Disney subscription boxes and Magic at Your Door seems to be the best. You can always expect the product around the same time each month. They are very specific with their Wishlist and catering to the persons interest. I think this is a great gift for any Disney fan.

Another amazing box!

I received such great items, many that were on my wish list and some great surprises! I received the disney dog loungefly bag snd giving it to my daughter for Christmas! Thank you so much Magic at your door for always bringing a smile to my face when my box arrives!!


The Magic at your door is truly MAGICAL. My Halloween box was amazing, unfortunately one of my items arrived broken. I contacted them and they send me a replacement for it. I don’t really leave reviews but I was so blown away by their awesome customer service but I had to let everyone know how amazing this boxes. All thanks to the great team that creates and makes this subscription possible💖.

Best box ever!

This box was way better than I could’ve ever hoped. I’ve tried some other Disney monthly subscriptions and really wasn’t too impressed by what I received. However, that changed when I tried out this box. This box was amazing. I am stoked about every single item in this box. I don’t want to ruin the surprise that you may receive if you order this, but I’d have to say you will not be disappointed. I really liked the personal touch with my name and I feel like they took the time to choose items that I would enjoy. I was so impressed with this box I went ahead and signed up for their monthly subscription and cancelled my other Disney monthly subscriptions.


I definitely liked the figure that I got inside this box but I believe that was one of the figures on my wish list. I wasn’t a fan of the child’s backpack that I got especially that it was dented, however they did send me a new one. The pens were cool with it but to be honest I don’t think spending $135 is worth it for just one child size backpack and two pens however I will definitely defend the figure I got, I guess I’m just more into getting more items instead of getting less items that cost more but maybe that’s just me. YouTube video placeholder

I have yet to be disappointed in my subscription! I select items for my Disney fan friends and family and myself so I can enjoy as well as share the treasures I recieve every month. The team that puts my box together does an excellent job. I also appreciate the flexibility to switch my preferences and wish list items! Keep up the good work.

Love the customizability!

We love our MAYD monthly gold boxes! The fact that we can customize the box to fit any special event like birthdays or planned trips is fantastic. The suspense each month waiting for the box to show up is so exciting. Opening our boxes is a family event. We love them!

One Time Haunted Mansion Magic Box
Jessica Watermolen
Good Spirits in this box

This is one of the best boxes I have ever received. So many fantastic and unique items. A great variety and the value I got for this box was so unbelievable. If you love the Haunted Mansion get this box. You will not be disappointed!!

Awesome box!!!!!!!

I think it is worth it to purchase one!!!!! I got things in this box that I don't have & its hard to keep it together so that your

Love it

Bear box I have ever received

The First Box of Many

My first experience receiving a subscription box was indeed magical. The thrill of opening my box to find not only an item from my wishlist, but also surprises to match my preferences was fantastic. I'm already looking forward to my next box curated especially for me - that's what Magic At Your Door promised and delivered. Thank you!

Magic is real!

Look no further for Disney subscription boxes. They go above and beyond and I like everything I've gotten. Keep up the good work!

Great products

This is the best subscription box! I have never been disappointed with an item I received. They are amazing at sticking to your personal likes/dislikes and your wishlist. Would recommend over all other Disney subscription boxes!

Best Disney Subscription Box

We've been receiving boxes since July and so far each one has been incredible. My husband and I are huge fans of Disney and aren't able to get to the parks as much as we'd like. This definitely scratches the Disney itch.

Truly Magical Box

Just sending my thanks for giving me a little bit of much-needed magic. This AF box was amazing. I received some items from my wishlist together with some surprises that suited my preference. The only disappointment was the scarf as I clearly indicated no clothing items. However, everything was on the ball, and I am thankful to the team at MAYD for making me smile. I would highly recommend this box to anyone needing a little Disney Magical pick me up.


Loved this month's box!! This is the perfect Halloween box😆😆😆 MAYD is the best Disney subscription box ever

Absolutely wonderful

Every item in this box was a winner. From the pins to the ears to the mini backpack to the matching wallet. There are more items in this in the box all of which will be used. Magic at your door never disappoints.