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Awesome box!!!!!!!

I think it is worth it to purchase one!!!!! I got things in this box that I don't have & its hard to keep it together so that your

Love it

Bear box I have ever received

The First Box of Many

My first experience receiving a subscription box was indeed magical. The thrill of opening my box to find not only an item from my wishlist, but also surprises to match my preferences was fantastic. I'm already looking forward to my next box curated especially for me - that's what Magic At Your Door promised and delivered. Thank you!

Magic is real!

Look no further for Disney subscription boxes. They go above and beyond and I like everything I've gotten. Keep up the good work!

Great products

This is the best subscription box! I have never been disappointed with an item I received. They are amazing at sticking to your personal likes/dislikes and your wishlist. Would recommend over all other Disney subscription boxes!

Best Disney Subscription Box

We've been receiving boxes since July and so far each one has been incredible. My husband and I are huge fans of Disney and aren't able to get to the parks as much as we'd like. This definitely scratches the Disney itch.

Truly Magical Box

Just sending my thanks for giving me a little bit of much-needed magic. This AF box was amazing. I received some items from my wishlist together with some surprises that suited my preference. The only disappointment was the scarf as I clearly indicated no clothing items. However, everything was on the ball, and I am thankful to the team at MAYD for making me smile. I would highly recommend this box to anyone needing a little Disney Magical pick me up.


Loved this month's box!! This is the perfect Halloween box😆😆😆 MAYD is the best Disney subscription box ever

Absolutely wonderful

Every item in this box was a winner. From the pins to the ears to the mini backpack to the matching wallet. There are more items in this in the box all of which will be used. Magic at your door never disappoints.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Lori Weiss
Great X-Mas Box

I really loved this Christmas box I got in July.

Amazing box put together specifically for your likes!

I have received two boxes so far and both have been AMAZING! Each box has had items on my wishlist as well as some items that I have filled in my preferences that I like. They go above and beyond to make your box special.

Love the Magic

I love this subscription. We were missing Disney so much I was looking for some of that Magic. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. When I started looking into options it was clear MAYD is the one. These are my first two boxes (don’t you love the Loungefly bags? Yes!) - Both boxes have focused on my preferences and include wishlist items. Wishlist? Oh yes that’s a totally cool list of over 200 (maybe more like 250?) items from a variety of categories. I always have several items picked out. I love seeing what MAYD will pick out for me because they have very good taste. It’s also fun to see other subscribers open their boxes and/or post their pictures. You see other items which leads to ideas. I like MAYD so much I bought the Magic AF box for my husband’s birthday and the Christmas in July box as well. They won’t be the last ones I gift either.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Brenda L.
Wonderful Christmas in July box

I can’t say enough how wonderful this company is and how magical my box was! I received the most amazing items! This is the best Disney subscription box ever! I will definitely buy this every year! Thank you magic at your door for being such a wonderful company!!

Fantastic box!

I ordered a one time box to check out how they compared to other subscription services I participate in. This box was amazing! I got several items I had placed on my wishlist. I also got several surprise items. All were things I love, and it was evident someone took the time to read my preferences. Great value as well. This one time box has now made me a monthly subscriber. I only wish I had taken a picture to share. Thanks so much!

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Nathalie Chapin
A M A Z I N G Christmas in July Box

This was my first time ordering from Magic at Your Door and it was absolutely the best mystery box I have ever ordered ! I LOVED Everything 😍 Definitely will be ordering the Christmas Box in December!

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Priscilla Figueroa
Christmas in July box

I really loved my box. This was my first Christmas box i ever got. The ornaments were beautiful and I loved the tote bag. I will be using that to go Christmas shopping and when I go to Disney in dec. The chip and dale jim shore was so cute that its staying out all year round. Thank you so much magic at your door you always give high quality items.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Nahtanha Hering
Amazing boxes

I got the elf level Christmas in July box, as well as the ornament box. They were both amazing. Cute plush, adorable Mickey snowman Jim Shore, very nice tote bag, and lots of nice ornaments for my tree this year. Was so much fun getting some holiday fun in July. I would recommend.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Gina Busby
Best Christmas box 🎁

This is my 2nd Christmas in July box I've ordered and it sure didn't disappoint. Every item I received was amazing and surprisingly something I already didn't own. You can really tell they out a lot of thought and heart in their boxes! I would highly recommend.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Liz M
I will buy this every year- Christmas in July box, 2021

This whole box was AMAZING! If I had to pick a favorite item it would have to be the Winnie the Pooh plush, but it just barely beat everything else! I love all of the ornaments and can't wait to decorate my trees this trees may go up before Thanksgiving this year. The hat, the ears, the Stitch decorations...EVERYTHING was impressive and felt handpicked for us specifically. After a hard year this was the perfect pick me up! I have been more than impressed with every box I have received, but this one completely blew me away.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Veronica Torres
July Christmas box

Loved everything I recieved in the box and could even gift some away as gifts to friends. So happy I purchased it!

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Jayne Childs
Christmas in July

Great box. Not one thing in the box that I won’t display at Christmas
Magic at your door never disappoints

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Ashlyn Fanestiel
Santa and Ornament box

The Santa box was amazing. The only thing wrong with the ornament box was the Olaf broke which was disappointing because my daughter was so excited for it. But the rest of that box was amazing

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Elena S
Santa Christmas in July

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box × 1 Santa ($299)

It was amazing way beyond my expectations, it had multiple ornaments, the cutest Holiday Pooh, 2 amazing Jim Shore figurines (the bigger ones), a Holiday Pillow, Santa/Mickey Hat, Snowman Light up Cap, Ginger bread Minnie ears, Dug Ornament Socks, Mickey and Minnie mini plush, Minnie ears ornament. Tote bag which was the only repeated item since I bought last Jan at super sale price, everything else was totally new for me.

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Stacy Lynch

Was very unhappy with the box! I thought for 300.00 it would of been better! I ended up with a bunch of stuff I won’t even use! So with this experience it will be the first and the last time I order the Christmas in july box😡. The pictures of the other boxes are a lot better than the one I received!!!

Limited Edition 2021 Disney Christmas In July Magic Box
Mae Lynn (Mz. Sassy Pants)
Christmas Definitely came Early! (two box review) Santa $299 and the Ornament Box $199

There were some amazing items in both of my boxes to say the least! (The YouTube Video has been included below and is a full unboxing, So Fun!)
Review on the Santa Box:
There were so many adorable items in it! It surpassed the retail value from the parks of $299 for sure and was full of all the warm and fuzzies to say the least! With that being said, I am am aware of some of the items that were at the character warehouse (but as another Disney Subscription box owner stated publicly, every Disney subscription box company purchases from there to make a profit, these were not MAYD's words). No shame in their game, all the items were things I didn't have and most are what I would have bought for myself. Only two minor issues with a missing rhinestone on one ornament in the Santa Box, and in the Ornament box a nose was broke (nothing a little superglue surgery can't fix). Otherwise this box was well worth the cost, and I will purchase it again next year! It was amazing to see how similar but different each box was!! Filled with Christmas Love for sure, and a above and beyond!
Review on the $199 Ornament box.... Disney!!!!!!!
Being honest, I don't know what box I loved more! This was packed to the rim with all the things I love I felt like it was tailored to my likes and preferences, and I couldn't have been happier even if I was in Disney itself! Wow is an understatement, and if you don't get this box next year and you are a true Disney fan..... you are missing out!!! I hope they offer another one fore Christmas! I did get one duplicate Ornament, but I love it so much I will put it on our second tree :)
These were well packaged, put together with thought and care! YouTube video placeholder