Magic At Your Door Disney Subscription Box Reviews

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I love this box

The Magic is Real :-)

We were living vicariously through our bosses subscription box! Each month hers would come in and we would ohh and ahh (and be quite jealous). Now we have our own subscription boxes, and life stops when the box is at the door! Even my almost 80-year-old mother joins in on the fun, and when I say joins in on the fun, she make sure she steals whatever thing that she loves most! She has now been carrying around a Lady and the Tramp Loungefly bag and gets so many compliments! We are never disappointed, and I was surprised to find just how many things can fit in that box. Now have three family members who have the boxes and no one gets the same things. It is amazing to see how personalized each box is. We now have a substantial ear collection, and have bought ourselves shadowboxes to display them in the house.

Absolutely amazing subscription box!

This is my second time around with MAYD and they never disappoint! Just ordered my second Magical AF box and will be ordering The One Time Disney Insanity Box very soon. Keep up the great work MAYD!

Great subscription box!

I have had this subscription for three months now and have been really enjoying it. I like the mix of Wishlist and surprise items. I also like how much you are able to customize your box.

The best box!

The best Disney subscription there is. Every time MAYD comes in the mail, my day is made 1000% better!!

My absolute favorite subscription!

I’ve tried just about all of the Disney subscription boxes there is! And this one is by far my favorite! It’s so exciting each month unboxing the unknown and Mike is awesome and quick to respond with anything I need help with. It’s great to do months leading up to your Disney vacation! Thanks for bringing me so much joy each of month!

It’s great short term

If your giving a gift or want to treat yourself for a couple months it’s perfect. But I started to see lack of quality items over a period of time or not having a variety of options on the wishlist unfortunately the wishlist doesn’t change much month to month they have a FB group where you can see things but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just add it to the wishlist. If you collect Loungeflys this isn’t your box, the Loungeflys they have are unpopular ones that are on sale in other places and they never ever change out the bags on the wishlist so what you see is what you get. The ears I get are ones I can get of for $10 or less. The artwork is beautiful and the figurines so if that’s what you collect this is your box.


So awesome! ✨The Mickey & Minnie Halloween Jim shore was on my wishlist and so was the Ariel ears! I appreciate that they do listen to your preferences. Thanks so much!

Not what I wanted

I have read some of your past reviews where they have said Magic at Your Door really listened to their preferences that they filled out and the items on there wish list, but that is not the case in my experience. This has not been my first time with this experience. I received five items and two of the five were on my wish list, but the other three were not what I wanted according to either my wish list or my preferences. I have watched YouTube of your many fans and they are always getting items from there wish list or their preferences they fill out. Even items they specifically ask for. I don't think you really get me as to what I collect or are interested it. I hope it is not because I don't order every month and you don't have a big selection for the wish list like another mystery box subscription. I really like what you give other reviewers but you just don't get me or listen.

Love love love

I’ve received a few boxes now and each time they get better and better! They really stay true to your preference sheet and only send items that they know you will like. They can’t know every item in your collection so I’m this box I did get something I already have. But that shows they know you well!

I loved everything in my box favorite was my ears

A box of sunshine!

My grandma used to send me care packages in the old days when I was in the Air Force. She always sent something special that made me feel closer to home. I started a Magic at Your Door subscription during Covid after a trip to Disney World was canceled. This box of goodies relieved the disappointment of missing a few Disney trips during the Covid shutdown. I have continued receiving boxes because each one gives me that same special feeling I used to get from my grandma’s care packages! I’m happy being part of the “ohana” of Magic at Your Door and am so very grateful for the special care that goes into each package! Thank you to Mike and 001 for keeping the kid alive in all of us!

Disney Magic Box Subscription
Stephanie Hilliard
Fantastic box that delivers the magic plus a little extra!

This is, by far, the best of the Disney subscription boxes! Not only do you get a bit more than the boxes value but they take care to curate the box to you. I truly enjoyed the fun of getting a wishlist item and an item that matches my preferences that I never knew about plus the number of items is just right for me. Not to much and by no means to little! I has ugly recommend this company to anyone wanting to try a Disney subscription box. I included some pictures of three of my past boxes that show a wide variety of items a person can get!

One Time Disney Magic Box
Loved every bit

Happy with everything, it turned out great!

Definitely Magical AF!!!

I have been looking for a Disney subscription box for quite some time, and I kept hearing about Magic at Your Door, especially the Magical AF box! I thought I would treat myself and I am so glad I did! This box was everything I could imagine and more! I was provided items from my wishlist and others items that stayed true to my preferences! Absolutely loved everything; truly lives up to its name! I was so pleased with this box, I had to get the monthly subscription! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about this box or subscribing to Magic at Your Door!

One Time Disney Magic Box
Becky Nicewonder
Super one time box

I love the one time boxes. They are great and value for the money. You get more than what you paid for. I love everything in the boxes. You get 8 items in the box. You can have up to 2 peoples preferences on your account.


Loved the box! Had a great value and got a lot of things that I had on my wishlist. 😊

Magic at your door

Excellent items and theming! Great value for price and always fun to receive. I’ve loved all my boxes and they have exceeded my expectations!

Never a disappointment with mayd

Been a subscriber for years. The wish list has so many wonderful items to choose from. I would highly recommend this box to everyone!


I felt like I won the lottery when I opened my latest box. The products are always top quality. The items were all on my Wish List and the delivery certainly made my day. Leaving for Disney World this week and the sweatshirt and Pluto wallet, tote bag and Mermaid Mouse ears are already packed. This is a subscription I will enjoy for a long time. Hope you have a Disney Day!

Beyond impressed

The attention to my preferences, quality of items, on time shipping and care in packaging has exceeded my expectations month over month. I love this box.

Nailed it again!

Omg I LOVE this box more and more every month! Everything is always perfect!

Got a newly released loungefly!

They really listened to my preferences and I got a loungefly that had just been released a few weeks prior. Shipped really fast I was shocked when it arrived at my door because I felt like I just placed the order.


This is my second Magicatyourdoor box. The first box had some fun items but I realized I needed to tweek my preferences. There was one item I especially requested in my comments and it was in my next box! I am so happy. $164.47 worth of merch for just the $124.99. Great value. My recommendation is to tweek your preferences each time they announce new items and each time you receive a box so you are maximizing your magic!

One Time Disney Magic Box
Audrey Davis
Great items!!

This was my first box I received from magic at your door and I was super happy!! I ordered the the one time box to try it out before a subscription and signed up right after this box! I did receive a pair of ears I already have but not their fault. One shirt wasn’t my exact style but I just changed my preferences to better explain what I enjoy. Everything else I was so happy with! The items stuck to my preference perfectly, even received a 50th anniversary limited edition pin, which was a great addition. But my all time favorite was the sorcerer Mickey plush. Would highly recommend!