Magic At Your Door Disney Subscription Box Reviews

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Villain success

Everything was great and that one time subscribing was worth it

Wonderful First Experience

This was my first time getting a Magic at Your Door box. It was a wonderful experience. I received 3 items that I had put on my wish list. And the rest of the items were perfect to my preferences. Magic at Your Door really takes the time with preference list. I would totally recommend this box.

Solid Box, Sometimes Predictable

This is a solid company with very reliable customer service! I think the boxes are sometimes a little predictable (my personal opinion, but not necessarily a bad thing for everyone). I didn’t put any big ticket items on my wishlist because I like to be surprised. My last two boxes did include my big ticket wish list items, but then it feels like more of a fulfilled “shopping list” (not as fun for me). So this box arrived without any “big ticket” items. I do appreciate the “blue box” figurines (Chesire Cat and Beauty and Beast characters), but would have been cool to get one bigger figurine instead of the smaller ones. It feels like everyone got the flag ears in this month’s box (which I had bought for myself for $4 a few months ago in Orlando). I double checked my preferences and the main things I have are “collect Jim Shores, prefer quality over quantity”. And then the preference sheet also asks for special occasions and I’ve had on there for the past few months that my husband and I were celebrating our 15th year anniversary this month. I kind of feel like that was a missed opportunity to wow us with attention to detail (and attention to the preference sheet). Like an item with Mickey/Minnie with hearts or something. I will certainly order again in the future, but will probably make sure to use the wishlist.


It was awesome as always!!! Thank you for making it so special and personal to what I like. 💕


I am so so so happy with everything in my first MAYD box!!! I can’t wait for my next one in august!!!

Disney Magic Box Subscription
Michelle Villarreal
Best so far

They really pay attention to your preferences and your wishlist!! I absolutely loved this June month!! It has been my favorite so far!

Best Subscription Box EVER

I have three Disney subscription boxes and this is by far the best one! Every single thing I get is exactly perfect to my taste.

Disney Magic Box Subscription
Caroline Chudleigh
Love it!

I have watched a lot of videos since 7th grade about magic at your door and I knew as soon as I got a job I was going to get this box. I have the gold box and I love it. I love how many preferences you get and I am always looking forward to it every month. I totally recommend it.

Get it!

This is filled with so many goodies for The Haunted Mansion fan in your life! The Mickey ears are my favorite, but we got some big ticket items as well (like a collectible coin and one of the ghosts souls)! Plus the backpack!! Get it!

First MAYD box

I was a little nervous about doing a MAYD box due to not being able to write in what you already own but had watched 1,000s of unboxing and figured why not? Mike and 001 did not disappoint me. I received 3 wishlist items and the other 3 were in my preferences likes! Looking forward to future MAYD boxes! I would defiantly suggest to try MAYD, take your time on the preference list and wishlist items. They also have a Facebook and Instagram where they answer questions quite quickly along with the help by other MAYD subscribers!

Magical Box

This box was magnificent! I’ve never purchased a Disney mystery box before but decided I needed to indulge my new Disney obsession. My daughter (who is 1.5 years old) also recently became obsessed with Minnie Mouse so this was again a great reason to try this box. It was a perfect mixture of items for me and my daughter. I loved everything! It was so much fun to open and my preferences were definitely taken into account. I would highly recommend this service!

Magical AF Birthday Box

I absolutely loved my box. It was definitely catered to my preferences and everything was adorable! My husband purchased it for me for my birthday and I will be asking for another one soon!

never disappointed!

Loved it!

My daughter loved it so much!

Mother’s Day gift

Awesome job! Once again a huge hit with my wife.

Magical AF is the best way to describe it!!

This box was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be and MORE! I had several wishlist items but also had a lot of complete surprises in the box. I LOVED every single item in this box. I don’t think I could even pick a favorite item because the WHOLE BOX was AMAZING! Thank you so much MAYD team. You guys definitely delivered and followed ALL of my preferences. Don’t hesitate. Get a Magical AF box. I promise. You won’t be disappointed :)

Loved everything

A great box. From the Mickey and Minnie mouse plushes to the flag themed ears and backpack I loved it all

Disney Magic Box Subscription
Mae Lynn (Mz. Sassy Pants)
Love everything, I have no idea what took me so long to sign up!

This is am phenomenal box, I love the wishlist, and the ability to leave specific preferences. My very first box was out of the park! Loved it so much I cried!
I renewed my subscription and look forward to future boxes!

Loved it!

I was so happy with my first box! The value of the items were well over what I payed and each item fit my preferences. Excited to get my next one.

Amazing first box

I was thrilled with my box. Getting a loungefly AND ears us always a win. Looking forward to future boxes.

First box

I loved my box. The only issue I had was when I subscribed I filled out my preferences and put my birthday and all that . My birthday was in April and I was told you get something for your bday and somehow my info got erased and when I resubmitted it after getting and email that the info was missing I received nothing for my birthday so it was a little disappointing. But other than that I am satisfied.

So much fun!!

I love getting this box every month! They do such a fantastic job with the Disney fun they include. I am HAPPY!!

Best box ever

I've been a subscriber for almost 3 years and just when I think they can't top off a better box, they do it! They always consistently impress me with their products and service.

Best Disney subscription service ever!

This is the only subscription service I've seen that not only personally individualized every box to your preferences but actually gets their product out every month. If you have any questions about your purchase they respond back in a timely matter. They actually care about their customers.

Great customization

This was perfectly customized! Got the Up! Wallet, Mickey Mouse Club hat headband, Disney Dogs and Cats Magicband, and Dog rain coat. The rain coat was too small for my dog but it is adorable on my mom’s Yori-poo.