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Disney Magic Box Subscription - Gold

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Cheryl Lauricella
The Magic is Real :-)

We were living vicariously through our bosses subscription box! Each month hers would come in and we would ohh and ahh (and be quite jealous). Now we have our own subscription boxes, and life stops when the box is at the door! Even my almost 80-year-old mother joins in on the fun, and when I say joins in on the fun, she make sure she steals whatever thing that she loves most! She has now been carrying around a Lady and the Tramp Loungefly bag and gets so many compliments! We are never disappointed, and I was surprised to find just how many things can fit in that box. Now have three family members who have the boxes and no one gets the same things. It is amazing to see how personalized each box is. We now have a substantial ear collection, and have bought ourselves shadowboxes to display them in the house.

Terresa E
Great subscription box!

I have had this subscription for three months now and have been really enjoying it. I like the mix of Wishlist and surprise items. I also like how much you are able to customize your box.

Lindsay S
The best box!

The best Disney subscription there is. Every time MAYD comes in the mail, my day is made 1000% better!!

Kelsae Wilson
My absolute favorite subscription!

I’ve tried just about all of the Disney subscription boxes there is! And this one is by far my favorite! It’s so exciting each month unboxing the unknown and Mike is awesome and quick to respond with anything I need help with. It’s great to do months leading up to your Disney vacation! Thanks for bringing me so much joy each of month!

Stephanie Rodgers
It’s great short term

If your giving a gift or want to treat yourself for a couple months it’s perfect. But I started to see lack of quality items over a period of time or not having a variety of options on the wishlist unfortunately the wishlist doesn’t change much month to month they have a FB group where you can see things but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just add it to the wishlist. If you collect Loungeflys this isn’t your box, the Loungeflys they have are unpopular ones that are on sale in other places and they never ever change out the bags on the wishlist so what you see is what you get. The ears I get are ones I can get of Alibaba.com for $10 or less. The artwork is beautiful and the figurines so if that’s what you collect this is your box.