CMO (Chief Magic Officer) Wrist Cramps Delay Some Magic Box Shipments

CMO/Chief Magic Officer Updates

Magic At Your Door Disney Magic Box

Word out of the Palace is that company CMO Princess Jadyn is working through some painful wrist cramps from her relentless pursuit of signing all the official welcome certificates and perfecting the Disney Magic for their many additional May subscribers.

Princess Jadyn has promised that, "Our Disney Magic Box for May began shipping on Monday, and although some recipients may experience a slight delay due to my aching wrist, I am working through the pain, and you can rest assured that each and every Disney Magic Box will be shipped by the end of this week, even if I have to miss school to get it done!"

She continued, "Adding the perfect amount of magic to each and every box is very serious work, perhaps more of an art really, and one that few have mastered. It is my sincere privilege to be in charge of ensuring that your Disney Magic Box is a masterpiece, and Dad says that I can't play on my phone until these are all completed, so please be patient as I work diligently to customize your Disney Magic Box. I promise it will be worth the wait!"

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