Disney Magic Box Product Reveal: Disney Dollars

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Disney Magic Box Product Reveal: Disney Dollars

If you have not yet heard about the rare and unique Disney surprises that will be included in the monthly Disney Magic Box subscription from Magic At Your Door, we are excited to announce that highly sought-after Disney Dollars will be featured in one of our 2017 Magic Box shipments.

The Disney currency was issued from May 5, 1987 through May 14, 2016 at Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Stores, and while no longer in production, it remains redeemable at Disney Parks and Disney Stores. While it can also be exchanged back into U.S. currency at these Disney locations, Disney Dollars are now highly collectible as souvenirs by Disney memorabilia fans, and have been steadily increasing in value on secondary markets since they were retired.

Do you know someone who would love to have Disney Dollars of their own, and be thrilled to receive a magical box of Disney treasure every month? Order our Disney Magic Box subscription today!

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