Princess Jadyn Named as CMO (Chief Magic Officer)

CMO/Chief Magic Officer

Princess Jadyn Named as CMO (Chief Magic Officer) recruiters have been searching high and low throughout many kingdoms for the perfect person to assume the position of CMO, so it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome the newest member of our staff, Princess Jadyn!

Princess Jadyn brings to the company nearly 9 years of experience with Disney Magic. In fact, she has dined in person with the "real" Cinderella at her castle in the Magic Kingdom, and has been known to converse with the likes of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and other highly-respected Disney Princesses. She has also demonstrated a lifelong expertise in dress-up, pretend play, and general knowledge of what kids enjoy, all of which will be of great benefit to the company going forward.

Princess Jadyn's responsibilities as CMO will include ensuring that just the right amount of Disney Magic is included in each and every Magic Box that we send out. She will also serve as a goodwill ambassador for the company, promoting Disney Magic here in the human realm. Speaking to her aspirations for this position, Princess Jadyn said, "I hope that the magic we pack into each Magic Box extends into the lives of everyone that receives them." is committed to bringing Disney Magic to people wherever they may be, and we believe that the addition of Princess Jadyn to the team will be of great assistance as we prepare for the rollout our first Magic Box Subscriptions on 4/3/17.

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